Best Selling Mens Cologne for the Year 2011-2012

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The fragrance a man wears is an indicator of this personality, attitude and style. Choosing cologne is a question of self representation. Before getting down to listing best cologne for men  it is important that one understands the work of effective cologne. A good cologne must last the whole day, cover any signs of sweat and yet not be very overpowering.

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Here is the top list of some of the top selling perfumes and colognes of the year:

Artisan Cologne by John Varvatos is one among best selling mens cologne which evokes in one essences of a spring day. Light and a bit airy it contains notes of primarily thyme, ginger, marjoram adn orange blossoms from North Africa which also give it a slight floral fragrance. Suitable for day and evening wear works best for younger men.

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Bang by Marc Jacobs has a woody and spicy fragrance, best for mature men with notes of peppercorn, white moss and patchouli, an appealing earthly and peppery fragrance.

Recommended buy: Fragrance- $60

Tom Ford for Men contains lemon, basil, ginger, amber, cedar, mandarin, tobacco leaf etc. With its heavenly blend of woody and citrus fragrance it gives appearance depth of character and personality.

Recommended buy: FragranceX- $60

Additional Top selling colognes of this season :

#1 Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren
#2 Usher Cologne Review
#3 Diesel Only the Brave
#4 Hot Water by CK
#5 Drakkar Noir Cologne
#6 Pleasures Intense by Estee Lauder
#7 John Varvatos Cologne
#8 Adidas Urban Man Cologne
#9 I Am King By Sean John
#10 Paul Sebastian Cologne

Atelier Cologne Trefle Pur, One of the best selling mens cologne of all times has notes of lime, orange, clover, violet leaf, basil and patchouli. It has an earthy, crispy, clear and citrusy fragrance giving it richness and harmony. Best when used by mature men with love of the outdoors.
HM – Hanae Mori is a clean, sophisticated, contemporary cologne containing notes of lavender, vanilla, jasmine, sandalwood and chocolate.
The best selling mens cologne indicate the popularity and preference of majority of world people; one can get fabulous discounts and offers to buy cologne cheap online on However it is not mandatory that one’s choice must correspond to this majority, one must always buy what one feels suits one.

The market has a variety of colognes but the best way to find whether cologne is good is to browse some perfume reviews. The best selling mens cologne indicates that the fragrance has been liked and used by many people and might work for one too.

One must always try the cologne before buying it as most cologne smell different when one applies them on the skin. This article will cover some of the best selling mens cologne for the year 2011 so as to help in choosing ideal cologne for oneself.

I most certainly hope you find that list viable. I have put a lot of effort, good will, and hope to educate others about the latest perfumes trends and who is a best seller. I hope I haven’t too pushy with my offers, quite obviously, I am getting a reward for them, but I did make the effort in checking all providers and verifying they are offering competitive prices, and in some cases even more than that.

I couldn’t find exact data regarding best selling perfumes, so I made a list of the best smelling ones that I have proof that they worked well. First off, I am affiliated with perfume purchase myself and have a lot of data infront of me to see which ones go well online, and I have found some positive rumors or factual articles discussing their popularity and how much they sold.

I simply gathered down a list of a good successful colognes and provided exact data, and for that I am truly sorry, but this kind of data is impossible to find.

I hope you had a nice experience travelling through my blog and getting some opinions of perfumes & colognes you might have never heard of.


One response to “Best Selling Mens Cologne for the Year 2011-2012

  1. I prefer Hermes cologne and dolce gabbana cologne they are alittle pricey but worth the extra money just watch who you order from . Do not order from dellucci perfums Brooklyn, new York they will send you conturefeit cologne (fake) and not authentic as they state thats their products are

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